Website Derk-Jan Eppink

This is another project I did as a student worker for mediaworqs. We developed a Drupal website and created a suitable design for it.

I didn't make the design myself, but I did convert the PSD to XHTML and CSS. Further I created the needed views and content types and I adjusted some modules so they worked according to our needs. E.g. the image slider.

This website

The theme was built for Drupal 7 and is the first one I've ever built.

The theme is based on Touch (the free version) combined with a few tweaks. The tweaks mainly consist of CSS adjustments and overloading a few functions e.g. theme_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id), theme_preprocess_node(&$variables) and ...


For the course "Introduction to Web Technologies" I had to create a blog and an online portfolio. The website had to be built with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML and CSS.

There were a few requirements; the website had to be XHTML and CSS valid. When everything was finished we were encouraged to use AJAX where possible. Everyone alse had to implement one unique extra, I choose for an AJAX calendar and an event system. The event system was based on the event system I saw on a few Drupal websites.

Functionality requirements

  • Blog
    • Post/edit/delete blog entries
    • Post/edit/delete comments
  • Portfolio
    • Upload assignments and allow them to be downloaded by registered users.
    • Auto generate a list of all the acquired skills (from the uploaded assignments)
  • Users
    • Register, log in and log out
    • Different user levels (Admin, registered, guest)
  • Extra
    • AJAX calendar
    • Event system

A Social Network

For the course "Advanced Web Technologies" we (four fellow students and me) had to create a website that is focused on students and contains elements of Facebook, Wikipedia, Reddit’s TIL and StackOverflow.

The website had to be build with JSP, Java Servlets and MySQL. PHP and other server side technologies weren't allowed. There were several requirements I listed a few below. If you understand dutch and want to know all the requirements, you can read the assignment that is posted in attachment.


  • Register users
  • (De)friend users
  • Invite new users
  • Ask questions
  • Answer questions
  • Post articles
  • ...

Group Shopping

During July 2011 I attended a Business Summer School at Salford University (Manchester, UK). The assignment was to generate a business idea, marketing research, ... and finally develop it.

We had to do all of this in a group, in  my case 3 other people and me. One student from Warsaw, Poland (Agnieszka) and two fellow student from Hasselt (Sander & Domien). The main idea of the project is to allow people to organize their shopping life more easily. They can go shopping for each other, keep track of open debts, ...

If you want to find out more about the idea process, the concept development or any other stage in the development process you can read the attached report that we submitted in the end.

Note: Sometimes the English isn't perfect, we know that, just ignore it. :)