Website Kris Slabbaert

During October 2010, I was asked to build a website for Kris Slabbaert (a candidate bailiff), who needed a website for his candidacy.

The website needed to have only a few features; a small blog, a way to add publications and a contact form. Since I already made these features for the Sportiek Spins website it was just a matter of creating a template and finding the correct code snippets to copy and tweak them a little bit.

If you want to find out more about Kris or his publications, check out his website.

Website Sportiek Spins

It all started in January 2007 when I followed my first Computer Science course and had to make a website. A very basic HTML website, it didn't even have to be valid. Because it was my first website ever, it contained a lot of elements that are bad and deprecated by now. E.g. (nested) frames. Below is a screenshot of the website. Keep in mind is was my first interaction with HTML & CSS.

In September 2007 I asked the board if I could become the webmaster because the website hadn't been updated for 2-3 years... They approved and I started building a new website, that had a bit more functionality. But since it still was only HTML the calendar, results and news had to be updated manually every time.

To reduce the time spend on updating the content, I create my first PHP website during the summer of 2008 and the result was satisfactory. I still had to update everything manually because there wasn't a MySQL database available and I didn't know anything about database at that time. Once we had a new host and access to a MySQL database, I started experimenting on how to put everything in and get it out of the database.