RBIHF Website & Server

July 2013

At the start of season 2013-2014 (September 2013), we launched the new front-end of the Royal Belgian Ice Hockey Federation (RBIHF) website. The RBIHF organizes all the ice and inline hockey competitions (IIHF rules).

Their previous website was already several years old (more than 8 years!). So I felt it was time to do a "small" layout and security upgrade. So during the summer I created the new front-end from scratch. There are several new features. E.g. league statistics, a shop, Facebook & Twitter integration, ... The backend remained more or less the same, but is scheduled to be upgraded as well during the next season(s).

In October we also changed to a new server, with a gigabit connection, 32 GB of RAM, Raid 1 SSDs, ... We also installed an Asterisk VoIP server. Asterisk is a free and open source framework for building communications applications.